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How do you define a Plumber?
What makes a good Plumber?
What qualities does a Plumber need to have?
The opportunity to study to become a Plumber with Train4TradeSkills

How do you define a plumber?

The Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering's definition of plumbing is: "Work associated with the provision of water supply pipework including that used for fire fighting; all forms of space heating, gas installation, sanitary appliances, discharge pipework and drainage; the weathering of structures and buildings."

What makes a good plumber?

Plumbers are extremely important people in society. It's a fact of life that wherever people settle, they will always need plumbers. Good plumbing is not only vital to public health (plumbers deal with clean drinking water, sanitation, heating systems etc), but is also an integral part of modern day life - how many of us could do without the luxury of a hot bath or central heating?

Without competent plumbers, disease would be rife, sanitation non-existent, clean, fresh drinking water from a tap only a dream and central heating would consist of a coal or log fire!

What qualities does a plumber need to have?

Plumbers need the intelligence to work out complex equations, the expertise and flexibility to install different systems, the knowledge to understand how and why different systems work, the ability and initiative to problem solve, a thirst for knowledge of new technology, a creative mind, sound judgement and most importantly professionalism and honesty. Most colleges will prefer you to have a GCSE grade A-C level in Maths and Science or equivalent, to prove you have the mental ability for the job. Our training though requires no formal qualifications as we assess your ability at the time of enrolment.

Being a plumber is a physical job; you will have to be prepared to get your hands dirty (some plumbers on a regular basis, some every now and again), learn to use many tools and equipment in a safe and proper fashion, you will need a head for heights, be willing to fit into small, cramped spaces (under sinks etc) and you will need to be a quick learner (plumbers who take you on for work experience will expect you to make the odd mistake, but not to make it twice!).

You will also have to be a 'people person' by having good communication skills and take pride in your work. You have to respect people's properties and uphold high standards in plumbing to protect the public health. The result of all this can lead to immense job satisfaction.

Working as a plumber on the tools needs physical skill and mental ability. There is no use knowing the theory if you can't do the practice and vice-versa. The plumbing industry holds diverse career paths, good wages and the opportunity for individuals to run their own business. Many plumbers progress to design, consultancy, teaching and management, making the plumbing and heating industry a career with a future.

The Opportunity to study to become a Plumber with Train4TradeSkills

Train4TradeSkills offers a uniquely structured blending learning programme, which is a combination of book-based learning with thoroughly research coursework, PC based “e-learning”, and practical training in fully equipped workshops. The Plumbing course is carefully planned to enable you to work through the subjects, independently and at your own pace to achieve industry accreditation and make it as an Plumber. Successful completion of the Plumbing course will see you attain no fewer than ten valuable qualifications with the inclusion of the opportunity to receive the City and Guilds 6129 Technical Certificates (level 3).

Train4TradeSkills courses are another alternative to consider other than college or an apprenticeship. If you already have a full time job or other commitments and you want to become an Plumber then you have another option by studying one of our blended learning Plumbing courses and decide whether you want to become an employed or self-employed Plumber.

The Plumbing course has been specially designed using techniques developed over the last 50 years and will allow you to absorb the knowledge and skills you need easily, building constantly on your knowledge base. It will serve to reinforce the knowledge you have acquired gradually yet consistently and provided you apply a little dedication to your studies, your skills base will expand rapidly to the point where you are fully ready to pass with flying colours. There has never been a better time to consider a future as a Plumber…

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