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If you’ve been thinking about a complete change of career then you’ve found the right place to start. You are not alone, in excess of 1/3rd of people in employment are seeking an alternative career path or a new direction in life.

The fact that you are here places you at an advantage to many. Sadly, most lack sufficient motivation to take the steps necessary to do something positive about making that change. Here, you will be able to see how to do it, look at what’s involved and make an assessment of whether it’s the right move for you. Also, you can read the stories of others, just like you, who did decide to ‘go for it’. Those that do seldom regret it. You can see and hear from past and existing students and see what a difference professional qualifications and specialist skills can make to your future.

So well done for getting this far and taking the first step. Now let’s see which direction is right for you.

First, do the research...

There are several trades careers which might be suitable for you but key to finding the right one is to know what you want to achieve and what is motivating your desire for change. As with all things, establishing a solid foundation is vital. If the underlying reasons for making a career change are strong, then you are much more likely to succeed. So, consider for a moment:

It is these and questions like these that you need to ask to make sure you are (a) making the right decision and (b) that you have your eyes firmly fixed on the goal you want to achieve.

The more ‘yes’ answers to the questions above, the greater your chances of success. If you know what drives you and you know what your target is, you are much more likely to stay focused on a successful outcome.

Be clear about the opportunities

You have maybe seen some press articles about lawyers and accountants giving up the ‘day job’ to become tradesmen. Whilst this may be true in certain instances, it would be wrong to imply the rewards are so great and the opportunities so endless that gaining a trade is a licence to print money. That is simply not the case. However, we have dozens upon dozens of testimonials from those who have made the switch into a trades based career, either employed or self-employed, and who have not looked back. It’s a big decision to change but the rewards in terms of job satisfaction and even remuneration can be substantial.

As a general rule, you should take a close look at the industry you are interested in and assess whether there is a future for you. Is there for example an increasing or a decreasing need for skilled professionals? Is the average age of workers in the industry increasing or decreasing? Looking at this will tell you whether there are an increasing number of young entrants – suggesting the space might be getting more crowded year on year. Look for an industry that has good long-term prospects as well as an immediate one now. Does it appear that demand is constant and will be there year in and year out? Does it suffer seasonal fluctuations? How many self-employed tradesmen operate in your area?

It is clearly the aim to find an industry that isn’t over supplied and where there are clear opportunities in employment, or should you wish, the chance to set up your own business. Look for the chance to establish yourself in your chosen discipline in the knowledge that if you work hard and do a good job, there will always be a demand for your skills.

Do it right! - you are only going to change career once – so make sure it’s the right choice. We’re always ready to provide a professional advisor to help you. Leave your details here and we’ll make arrangements to contact you with information you need.

Consider all the options...and don’t forget about funding your choice

This is an obvious consideration, but one that is often overlooked. You will certainly need to give this area a great deal of thought. Do you, for example, need to gain the buy-in and possible support of your partner? Have you thought carefully about the financial commitment you might need to make in order to achieve your goals and how this might impact on your family and lifestyle choices? It is all too easy to gloss over the reality - that any course option you choose needs to be financed. The end result of the training may well provide you with the quality of life and opportunity you’ve been looking for but first, you’ve got to get there. So consider your options both from a practicality as well as a financial perspective:

We recognise the difficulties and it’s one of the reasons we supply an interest free repayment option as part of our package. Of course, you have to ‘factor in’ the monthly commitment and it’s why we recommend thinking long and hard about your career choice. If you consider your future is worth an investment in the order of £35/week then this could be the right move. The important thing is to choose an option which allows you to continue earning whilst you study so that you can maintain your family as well as support your chosen career path.

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Important Update

UNFORTUNATELY the college is full and we are not accepting further applications at this time. If you would like impartial advice to further your interest in learning a trade, if you click here you will be redirected to a website which can find you a suitable training provider.

We wish you well with your enquiry.

ATL practical Training Team


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