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Now the perception of welding is often of a dirty, low paid job from a bygone industrial age. For years academic study and technology was encouraged and proclaimed to be our future. How things have changed! Welding is now a skill that commands both respect and professional rewards. There are now reports of welders earning six figure incomes in specialist sectors of this industry. It has become a skill at the forefront of technology and virtually all forms of industry, research and development rely heavily on the skills of a welder. Everything from nuclear plants to off shore wind farms, defence and aviation all require continuous input from this essential craft.

The recession highlighted an underlying imbalance in our economy. Too much reliance had been placed on banking, and service industries. Both the public and politicians alike now believe the future lies in a more balanced economy with a return to an export led manufacturing economy. Any form of manufacturing requires welders. Letís take a look at the diversity of the industries that rely on welding as a core skill for their very existence: Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Shipbuilding, Heavy Equipment, Oil and Energy Industry, Nuclear, Electronics Ė the list is endless. Welding is the ultimate cross-transferable skill. Letís face the facts; most career choices have ups and downs, but since welding is needed in almost every industry it gives you the flexibility to switch industries without changing careers.

Wedability-SIF for the welding industry have reported that in the last five years alone we have lost 18,000 skilled welders though retirement and through workers being attracted overseas by lucrative offshore contracts. It is estimated that the energy industry and in particular new nuclear plants will require 20,000 welders. This industry needs around 35,000 skilled, qualified welders right now.

As a result, prospects for those entering the industry are expected to be excellent, for years to come. Now is the time to train as a welder and to take full advantage of the major Government investments in new energy, construction and the housing market.

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